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Artist:  Giants of Latin (Walter Laird & Niko Gomez)
Category: Latin
Giants of Latin: Club de Latinos

Price: $27.00
Catalog#: 44

Release date:  1992
Label: Danselp
Producer: Jos Van hemert Record Division
Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
Bonito & Sabroso, C-30
El Caballito, S-52
Johnny Guitar, R or Bol-24
Suelta La Cintura, C-32
Fiesta Sudamericana, S-52
You Belong to My Heart, R-26
Voulez-Vous? C-32
Jingo, S-52
Luna Dorado, R-26
Baila Baila, C-33
Viva Espana, S-52
From Here to Eternity, R-26
Y Viva Espana, PD-61
Espana Cani (Spanish Gypsy Dance), PD-60


Giants of Latin is a series of five CDs recorded in Holland, some of them from recordings by Walter Laird and by the famous Niko Gomez Orchestra.

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