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Artist: Gunter Noris
Category: Ballroom, Latin
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Price: $27.00
Catalog#: 874
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Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
Quickstep in Gatsby, QS-50 (3:24 min.)
Flic Flack Fox, QS-50 (2:45)
Dance and Dream, FT-29 (2:53)
Slowly to Heaven, FT-29 (3:00) (1989)
Midnight Waltz, W-29 (3:32)
Darf Ich Bitten, W-29 (3:01)
Tango Erotique, T-32 (3:09)
Tango Negro, T-32 (3:33)
Mantagswalzer, VW-58 (2:34)
Walzer Fur Nicola, VW-59 (3:21)
Happy Dancer, C-31 (3:01) (1981)
Pina-Colada, C-31 (2:41)
Echo Cha Cha, C-31 (2:59)
Samba Banana, S-52 (1981) (2:59)
Jamaica Samba, S-52 (3:00)
Rumba Sangria, R or Bol-26 (3:23)
Rumba Romantica, R or Bol-26 (3:30)
Corrida, PD-60 (2:37)
Exercise Jive, J or Sw-38 (2:23)
Rock 'n' Roll Forever, J-44 (3:11)

These are recordings from old Gunter Noris albums going back to about 1979. We have identified a few of the years as an example. This is a very good selection, including two great Quicksteps. Many of these are still being played for competitions. "Rumba Romantica" is a great favorite, as are the two quicksteps and "Tango Erotique". The Sambas have been slowed down from the original recordings to conform to current tempos.
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