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Artist: Werner Tauber
Category: Ballroom, Latin
Swinging World 3

Price: $27.00
Catalog#: 893
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Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
Walzer Opus 39 No. 15 (Chopin), W-30 [Ranks next to "Fur Elise" as his most beautiful Waltz. I have danced to it hundreds of times and have never grown tired of it.]
Poeme, W-30 [A good rendition of this traditional Waltz.]
Adios Mariquita Linda, T-33
Skaters' Waltz, VW-60
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, FT-30 [Very good.]
New York, New York, FT-30
Alexander's Ragtime Band, QS-52
Tico Tico, S-53
Pata Pata, C-32
Guantanamera, Slow R-27 [Excellent.]
Somethin' Somethin' Stupid, Slow R-27
Paso Doble Estudiantina, PD-62
Bad Bad Leroy Brown, J-44
Hot Shoes Mambo, Salsa-60


Telemark carries a number of volumes in this popular series. Excellent timing and vocals. For many years Tauber was an arranger for the Hugo Strasser Orchestra of Germany. A few years ago he formed his own orchestra. His arrangements are very smooth. His Waltzes, in particular, have been very popular.

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