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Artist: Studio Tanz Orchester Klaus Hallen
Category: Ballroom, Latin
Klaus Hallen Studio Orchestra 3

Price: $27.00
Catalog#: 896
Availability: In Stock

Release date:  
Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
If Ever I See You Again, Waltz, 30, 3:39, Male Vocal
If I Were A Painting, Waltz, 30, 3:08, Male Vocal
The Phantom of the Opera, Tango, 33, 2:58
Die Moldau, Viennese Waltz, 60, 3:35
Voices of Spring, Viennese Waltz, 60, 2:14
I Can't Stop Loving You, FT, 30, 2:51
When You Smile, , QS, 52, 2:43, Female Vocal
Samba in Your Casa, Sa, 53, 4:22, Vocal Chorus
Loco in Acapulco, Cha Cha, 32, 3:36, Vocal Chorus
Rebecca, , Cha Cha, 32, 2:50
Welch ein Tag, R, 27, 2:53, Beautiful male vocal joined by chorus sung in German
Main in Black, PD, 62, 2:00, Female vocal. Arrangement sounds similar to Spanish Gypsy Dance.
I'm Walking, J, 44, 2:14, Male vocal. Very good rhythm. Met with great approbation when Jack Meinking played it at the Virginia Championships.

Two good, driving, percussive Cha Chas on this one.

Telemark carries Volumes 1-4 in this series, plus others.

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