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Artist: Karl Herberger
Category: Ballroom
Pure Instrumentals for Dancing Ballroom

Price: $30.00
Catalog#: 917
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Release date:  
Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
CD 1

Waltzes--30 mpm
Adios Amigos (2:43)
Metropolis Waltz (2:52)
Die einzige Sommemacht (3:21)
Gabriella (2:44)
The First Kiss (2:58)
Poeme (3:15)
Dreaming in Love (3:54)
Du, Du, Du, schliess deine Augen zu (2:54)
Winterpoesie (2:58)
Auld Lang Syne/Candlelight Waltz (3:29)

Quicksteps--52 mpm
Swinging Charly (3:13)
Neh, Nah, Nah (3:20)
Happiness Is (2:38)
Dance Free (2:03)
London Trip (1:54)
Jede Nacht ein neues Gluck (2:42)
Free Time (2:42)
Mozart Sinfonica No. 40 (1:48)
Standard Medley--Intro, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Waltz, Tango, Quickstep (4:19)

CD 2
Tangos--33 mpm
Konigstango (3:06)
Spanish Dreams (2:22)
A Day Together (2:35)
Spanish Nights (3:21)
Tango del Sol (2:38)
El Picador (2:28)
Wiegesschritt (2:10)
Sterne in der Nacht (1:58)

Foxtrots--29 mpm
Roses of Picardy (3:00)
Treff in der Bar (2:43)
Dance Baby Dance (2:57)
Carpe Diem (3:23)
Tribute to the Winners (3:32)
Soft Feet (2:28)
May Each Day (2:54)
Second Floor to the Left (2:37)
I Love Dancing People (2:53)

Viennese Waltzes--60 mpm
Two Hearts in Time (2:18)
Under the Bridges of Paris (1:54)
Krokuswalzer (2:24)
Vienna Dream (1:47)
Embassy Waltz (from "My Fair Lady") (2:44)
Lippen schweigen (F. Lehar) (2:14)
Over the Waves (2:50)
The Ball Begins (1:42)
Operetta Medley (2:59)
This collection is taken from earlier recordings by this Belgian dance orchestra. Melodious with some beautiful trumpet solos. 20 of the 45 tracks are original compositions by Herberger. Dancesport DJ Peter Collins uses many of the Herberger recordings for his competition music.
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